Does My Business Need an App?

by | Nov 28, 2017


Apps are flooding our app stores, but is the market becoming saturated? Recent reports say no. Global app store downloads are projected to grow from 111.2 billion in 2015 to 284.3 billion in 2020, prompting companies from every industry to get in the game, according to market researcher App Annie.

However, like poorly designed websites, dysfunctional apps create negative brand image. Check to make sure you have a genuine need for a business app before you spend valuable time with app creators or software development firms.

Will apps for my business be worth my time?

Whether you’re spending three to four months with a traditional software development firm, or you’re spending three to four days with Hatch (shameless plug), your time is important.

Below are five reasons why your business might need an app:

Reason 1: You’re gearing up to hit scale

Apps can help your business process information accurately and rapidly. If you’re preparing to hit scale and increase your number of customers and/or employees, a business app will help you translate a high volume of incoming information into manageable data dashboards. In this case, an app would help your business thrive by keeping you organized while delivering powerful insights to drive your business decisions.

Reason 2: Customer engagement drives your bottom line

Businesses that require high engagement to drive revenue can leverage mobile apps to accommodate on-demand transactions. Examples include nonprofits that enable in-app campaign donations, client service businesses that need to provide high-touch care, and real estate brokers that operate in a fast-paced market.

Reason 3: You create value for your customers with content in a niche market

If your business creates tailored content for your customers, would they consume the same content on-the-go? Examples include food blogs, travel magazines, art organizations, social impact communities, fitness/health magazines, and fashion blogs.

Content-based apps enhance brand trust in specific communities while creating more opportunities to reach engaged consumers.

Reason 4: You need to train or onboard people consistently and efficiently

If you’ve built quality training modules, teaching curricula, or professional development workshops, consider harnessing the power of mobile to teach and train on-demand. Educators are using high-frequency mobile learning to enhance the effectiveness of their existing courses. Workforce development agencies deliver more value by supplementing workshops with mobile resources.

Reason 5: You need to test MVPs quickly and affordably

Last but not least, maybe you need an impressive and adaptable minimum viable product (MVP). Non-functional prototypes have traditionally been the go-to for app MVPs because high-quality apps used to only be possible with hefty price tags and months of development time, but that’s another reason we built Hatch.

Creating a high-quality app with Hatch gives you a custom app built with native code in days. More importantly, when you need to adjust your MVP, you can make unlimited content edits whenever you want, and they’ll update live for all of your users.

If you have a solid business plan and are ready to test a high-quality MVP, download our free e-book on how to create your app!

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App