App Store vs Google Play Store: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

by | Mar 9, 2017


Nobody owns the Internet. You can post pretty much whatever you want with no issues. (That’s how things like this gem happen.)

The app stores, however, are controlled by two enormous policemen: Apple and Google. If you want to get by, first you have to play by their rules. In order to publish a mobile app, you have to:

  • Create (and pay for) a developer account
  • Go through a review process (which is pretty extensive when it comes to the App Store)
  • Handle any issues that arise during the review process
  • Keep up with their software updates

That’s a lot to deal with, so at Hatch we do it for you. Everything is published through our app store accounts, we handle the publishing process, and we push regular software updates. There are no additional fees for publishing, re-publishing, or updates.

Since all apps go through this review process, however, there is often a delay between when we submit your app and when it gets approved by the app stores. Sometimes it’s as quick as a day, but sometimes it’ll take a full week. Both Apple and Google are working to speed up the process, and we’ve already seen them pick up the pace.

Although both Google and Apple have app review processes, they operate them in very different ways:

  • Google’s process is automatic (basically a series of algorithms that read and review your app) and Apple’s process is a combination of automatic and manual reviews.
  • Google allows a ton of developer freedom, whereas Apple wants to maintain consistency and control. For that reason, the Google Play Stores review process tends to be faster and easier to get through. With the App Store, however, it’s sometimes tough to know why your app has gotten rejected without some experience with iOS app submission, and the review process tends to be significantly slower.
  • When it comes to the Google Play Store, your app could be built with the first-ever version of Android (or any of the versions released since) and still operate, whereas Apple forces software updates and thereby quickly renders apps obsolete.

Because both major app stores operate so differently, it can be challenging to get through the initial review process and keep up with software updates. With Hatch, all those submissions, reviews, and system-specific updates are handled automatically.

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