How Our Values Impact Our Customer Service

by | May 19, 2017

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A few weeks ago we decided that we should lay out a few policies around customer service. We were starting to feel grow and juggle more and more customers with little internal structure. So, we put together a handbook for customer service and client-facing policies, but not before first outlining the values that would drive those policies.

Values determine goals, and goals determine practices, and practices determine outcomes. As I was drafting our customer service values I realized that they were closely related to our corporate values (which makes sense since those values have already permeated our culture). Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we instead re-interpreted each of our values in the context of our customer service. From there, it was easy to outline guidelines, policies, tips, tricks, language, and best practices.

Here’s what we put together:

Hatch value

What it means for our customer service

Team first Our customers are part of our Hatch team. We’re all building this company together, and we should be grateful and attentive to our customer just as we are with our coworkers. We treat them as individual people with differing needs, and look for opportunities to personalize our outreach.
Err on the side of empathy We patiently listen to any frustrations, and imagine ourselves in the customer’s position whenever we can. We win as a company when we allow ourselves to lose every fight with a customer; the customer is always right in their own minds, and we need to meet them where they are.
Maintain a growth mindset We leave our egos behind when interacting with our customers. We learn as much about their needs as possible, and record trends so that we can improve our service and our product.
Be helpful When it comes to our customers, we aim to exceed expectations and add as much value as possible. We are attentive and quick to respond, and we’re always seeking creative solutions to their problems.
Think positively We use positive language and never complain to our customers. If we don’t have a feature they’re asking for, we refer to a future where that feature might exist or another way to make it happen; we’re always looking towards an even more exciting future. Above all, we maintain faith and belief in Hatch and our ability to make our customers happy.
Results matter We do not conclude any contact with a customer until we can confirm satisfaction. Maybe we can’t solve their problem, but we can tell them how we’re going to solve it, or propose alternatives, or (at minimum) clarify why we can’t serve them and explain our reasoning to their satisfaction.
No idea is too crazy Every customer concern is valid and every need should be addressed. And when it comes to our service, we’re not afraid to get a little crazy and let our personalities shine. Let these stories inspire you.

For more information on our corporate values read this post on how we came up with them.

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