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Workflow Management App

Loaded with resources, tools, and tracking information, use a workflow management app to help collect information and help onboard new customers and clients.

  • Image upload

  • Educational Resources

  • Contact information

  • Appointment Bookings

  • Scan and upload documents

  • Articles and News

  • Task tracking

  • Custom integrations available


Help your employees interact with clients with a workflow management app, designed for a seamless customer facing experience. With a client-centric workflow app, your company can collect important client information and store it in your secure client management system, or database of choice. Onboarding new clients is made easy with accessibility to easy-to-use digital resources, digital signature capabilities, and easily available contact information. With this app, you can streamline any tools a client or employee might need, such as image uploads, scanners, and digital calculators. Push notifications can be optimized for alerting clients to updates with their accounts.

Clients and employees will also have a completely secure login and account, ensuring that all information is safe and allowing the ability to track and save progress for any activity or action the user is taking. And since your workflow management app is designed with a fully native system, any saved actions can be completed any time and place, you’ll see accelerated task completion from employees and clients alike.

Key benefits of a workflow management app

Customizable toolbox

An organization can customize the tools included on their app based on the needs of their team members. Digital scanners, image uploads, articles, and measuring tools are just a few of the options that can be added to allow for a completely optimized user experience.

Secure login account

By creating security checks and measures, your team guarantees the protection of client information. This gives your clients assurance when using your mobile project workflow software on-the-go, giving them the peace of mind to use your materials whenever it is convenient.

Custom integrations

A workflow management app can be designed to be completely integrated to any backend management system your organization might use, allowing for the automatic syncing of information, documents, and any other updates.

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