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Volunteer Sign-Up App

A volunteer sign up app enables volunteers to find and register for volunteering opportunities with a specific organization, and connect and communicate with an organization and their other volunteers.

  • Create volunteer profile

  • Identify which location you are interested in volunteering in

  • Set preferences

  • Track volunteering time

  • Directory of staff and volunteers

  • In-app forum


Streamline the volunteering experience with a volunteer sign up app custom designed for connecting individuals across the nonprofit community. Potential volunteers can be deterred from offering their time due to confusion and miscommunication during the sign up process. With a proper volunteer management program, users have an easy way to learn about and sign up for volunteer shifts and positions all through the mobile app’s native platform.

By building a volunteer sign up app with Hatch Apps, both volunteers and organizations can create public profiles, helping volunteers to perform filtered searches for opportunities that interest them and giving organizations a chance to showcase themselves, their mission, and upcoming volunteering opportunities. Volunteers can also access a messaging forum to post and share coordination information, and access a directory of staff and volunteers with whom to connect.

Key benefits of a volunteer sign-up app

Foster community activism

Nonprofits and other organizations can showcase their vision and mission to potential volunteers, giving them the incentive to donate their time to dedicated causes. In addition, volunteer profiles help to make sure organizations and volunteers are well matched to achieve their collective goals.

Search with filters and preferences

Users can set preferences on their volunteer profile, showing their top interests and skills. In-app filters also allow users to filter searches for volunteer opportunities, using geo-location services to narrow down searches geographically, or using other criteria to access a more selected list of events.

Promote continued engagement

Digital in-app sign ups allow organizations to track and keep lists of volunteers, providing a sheet of contacts for future fundraisers and events. The app can even allow for push notifications, alerting past volunteers to new opportunities and events.

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