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Engage your members in events, networking opportunities and content resources with a members app.

  • User profiles

  • Resources & content

  • Directory of members

  • Connecting community members

  • In-app messaging

  • Event promotion

  • User-generated agendas for events

  • Event listings and descriptions

  • Notification center


Your association or community members are on-the-go and engagement with your content, events and offerings can be challenging to maintain. By offering a custom member app experience designed for membership management, you’re able to improve access to the many benefits of your organization or association by offering them within a native mobile experience. With an association app, your community can access resources, events, community and learning opportunities, all from the palm of their hand.

In addition to easier access to member benefits, our membership management app also provides the opportunity to send notifications and direct people to your mobile experience so that they can engage with your organization on-the-go. From the Hatch Apps platform, you can create a members app experience like no other. Send notifications or emails to targeted members based on activity or their user profile, offering a new level of personalized communication.

Create your custom members app

Enable networking opportunities

Membership-based organizations have many benefits, and one of them is the opportunity to build community among members. While you may offer in-person events for this type of engagement, you can now offer a connection through your members app such as in-app messaging and chat.

Improve event engagement

Bolster event experiences with our easy-to-use with a mobile app that integrates with your association management software. Attendees can view and sign up for your offerings directly in the native mobile app experience, improving attendance and engagement before, during and after the event.

Share resources

Membership organizations and associations often provide great educational resources to their members. This is a major benefit of membership. Improve access and engagement with these materials by making them easily accessible on-the-go with a native mobile association app experience.

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