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Improve internal efficiency with a secure and intuitive internal communication app to easily provide access to critical documents and resources anytime, anywhere.

  • Searchable database

  • Tagging System

  • Upload documents and resources

  • Content categorization

  • User Profiles

  • User authentication

  • Bookmark content


In today’s business environment, fast and secure communication is essential to success. In certain scenarios such as client meetings, sales meetings, and board meetings, team members need instant access to materials on-the-go. Creating an internal communication app may be your best solution. An internal communications app offers secure access to a search optimized database of information and materials, as well as the ability to upload documents and key resources on-the-go. Through internal communications platforms, you empower your team to access and share important information and updates no matter where they are.

In addition to providing a tool for instant communication and access, you also provide your team with secure resource allocation tools for sharing important files and data. Through user authentication, the internal communications app ensures that your data is only accessible to a predetermined user base. An internal communications app empowers your team to succeed by providing access to all the information they need at their fingertips.

Benefits of an internal communications app

Secure Messaging

Enable your team to share information and updates no matter where they are in the world with internal communications platforms. The Hatch Apps no-code platform leverages in-app security features to ensure your documents, messages, and data are kept secure.

Instant Access

Provide your team access to information they need anytime and anywhere through mobile resource management. With an internal communications app, your team will be able to access any updates they need to help them prepare for their meetings while away from the office.

App Notifications

With your internal communications app, you have the option to enable instant employee communication through native, targeted push notifications. If a team member is going into a critical client or board meeting and should see an alert, document or piece of material, your notification will cut through the clutter of email correspondence.

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