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Improve the experience of finding and donating to your nonprofit by creating a native mobile fundraising app.

  • Donation capabilities

  • Listings of current initiatives, activities, and news

  • Event descriptions

  • Event RSVP

  • User profiles

  • In-app chat or community forum

  • Scheduled and targeted push notifications

  • Scheduled and targeted email notifications

  • Credit card authorization


Building custom fundraising apps for nonprofits enables your organization to create a seamless experience that engages people with your mission and encourages action. It can be difficult to know how to fundraise online and where to begin. With over 50% of nonprofit website traffic coming from mobile devices, and the success of mobile-based fundraising initiatives such as text-to-donate, industry trends indicate that more and more people expect seamless mobile experiences built into the donation process.

Launching a fundraising app with Hatch Apps offers the building blocks for a fully customizable native app for your nonprofit. This app creates an end-to-end experience for online fundraising activities. You can also build in features to benefit other parts of your organization, such as community building, content promotion and event engagement.

Fundraising app can elevate nonprofit efforts

Keep your community involved

With your charity app push notification functionality, you’re able to reach your community with critical news and activities that impact your mission. While you have their attention, enable click through to an optimized native mobile experience that helps to drive action and fundraising support.

Seamless online fundraising

A fundraising app improves the user experience and donation process. You can also link to a donation page from other pages within your app, helping to promote certain causes or activities that seek monetary support. Through payment integrations, you can link your app directly to the appropriate account.

Analyze & optimize

The Hatch Apps management platform enables your team to access a suite of analytics to understand what’s working, and what could be improved within your donation app experience. You’ll be able to use these insights to connect the dots to increase donation size and frequency.

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