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With the abilities of a forum app, groups of people are enabled to connect and share insights on a certain topic through Q&A's and knowledge sharing.

  • User profile

  • Create a user profile

  • Search forums

  • Post in a forum

  • Follow forum threads

  • Upvote posts

  • Respond to posts

  • Directory of people


A forum app in today's globalized world is essential to spreading thoughts and ideas, as well as creating a community of individuals who are able to share knowledge and insights. Fast, secure communication is necessary to keep users engaged, and there is no better way to do that than through a forum. A custom-designed forum browsing app allows your team or any welcome users to make profiles based on their interests. The app itself will be a platform for all users to connect through different means, including large chat groups where users can post to a board and comment to other users.

In addition to a large forum, your team can also provide users with one-on-one messaging abilities for users to send more individualized messages. A forum app can also have a directory function, storing profiles and allowing users to search for individuals based on geographic location, careers, interests, and other search parameters, helping to aid in digital networking and community building.

Key benefits of a forum app

Keep your community engaged

With native mobile app technology, users will be able to communicate with each other, anytime and anywhere. Whether through forum chats, comment threads, or one-on-one messaging, your users will be able to communicate and respond to any information wherever they may be.

Generate helpful feedback

Creating a Forum app is a great way to get feedback about any aspect of the app or your organization in general. Post questions or comments in the forum yourself to get personal feedback or send out push notifications to alert users to surveys, helping to increase the mobile experience and community engagement.

Create a streamlined digital directory

With digital profiles and filtered searches, a digital directory gives you the ability to create a community where members are able to find and connect with other users based on shared experiences or interests. The in-app security measures will also make sure that all user information is safe and secure at all times.

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