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Create an event app to promote your organization’s events or conferences in an engaging way. Enable individuals to connect with the content, view speakers and build personalized agendas - resulting in greater event engagement.

  • Event listings and descriptions

  • List of speakers and profiles

  • User-generated agenda

  • Map of an event venue

  • Notification center

  • Sponsors page

  • Attendee list and profiles

  • In-app messaging for attendees

  • Pre and Post Event Surveys


Events are a large undertaking, and you want your investment to go the extra mile. By launching an event app to support and promote your event, you’re offering attendees the opportunity to connect with content, speakers, and each other before, during and after the in-person experience. With an event management app, your attendees can create a seamless and personalized experience by building their agendas in advance, and understanding what to expect from the moment they arrive. Additionally, conference apps provide the opportunity to remove a lot of the stress and confusion about the event using features such as venue maps and maps of the local area to help attendees get oriented.

If your organization hosts multiple events per year, you’ll be able to cross-promote those future events to current attendees by featuring them in your app. You can also feature speakers and sponsors within the event app. Lastly, if you have a last minute announcement, or want to encourage attendance at a particular session, you can easily send a push notification to all people signed up for a particular event or session, enabling timely communication and an added level of service. With the Hatch Apps platform, we offer more than just an event management app. Using our event app builder, you’re able to use our platform to manage the features that are most important to you, creating an easy-to-use conference app for you and your users.

Offer a conference app to improve event experiences

Promote your event

Enable your attendees to engage with your event and content in advance of the big show. Foster person-to-person connections in advance so that attendees can see who’s attending, introduce themselves, and schedule times to talk, to get the most out of the experience.

Feature sponsors & speakers

Create add-on value for your event sponsors by showcasing more about them and their businesses in the event app experience. Highlight speakers and speaker profiles in advance of the event to provide attendees with additional context, and something to look forward to.

Enable personalized experiences

Our event app builder enables you to create a personalized app for your event. Attendees can create their own unique agendas, signing up for sessions in advance and understanding where they should be, and when. Attendees can engage with content and get the most out of your event.

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