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Increase your team’s productivity by providing access to training opportunities for your employees to get certified and learn new skills.

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Help your team deliver results by investing in their development through a custom online learning platform. With an app for training employees, you increase accessibility to educational materials by introducing a dedicated mobile app for corporate training. This can provide employees resources for professional development and accreditation courses. Apps for training employees encourage your employees to succeed by providing unmatched access to the resources they need to succeed in an easy-to-use digital format. Through the online learning app, you can optimize employee efficiency by creating custom curricula for your individual team needs with learning modules such as customizable assessments, quizzes, and knowledge checks. Data collected through the application allows you to track employee progress and identify areas for improvement.

In addition to offering an easily accessible platform for all of your training needs, you’ll offer an engaging digital experience to improve training strategies and completion rates. With a job training app, you are able to reduce the time and expense through championing a on-demand training platformthat reduces the cost of more manual, in-person training programs.

Key benefits of online learning apps

Custom curricula

As the app admin, within the Hatch Apps platform you can design learning modules in various formats such as text, multiple choice, and include links to resources and video content. Create the best online learning apps experience that’s custom tailored to your business and the needs of your team.

Personalized progress

By creating dedicated apps for training employees, individual team members who use the application can track their progress and engage with their content in new ways. Users can favorite courses, pause and restart coursework and bookmark resources for future reference.

Professional development

By supporting your team’s ongoing professional development, you are investing in their growth. This investment in online learning platforms helps further develop your team and enable them to level up, and improves employee retention.

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