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Engage your community in current initiatives, events and donation opportunities for your organization with a community engagement app.

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These days, people are stretched thin, email open rates are low and click-through rates are even lower. It can be difficult to determine how to build a community online with all of this clutter. Break free from the noise by offering an engaging native mobile experience that helps your community engage with your stories, mission, and activities through a native mobile app. With this direct channel for community engagement, you’ll be able to provide updates and create a unique digital experience designed to tell your organization’s story, promote your events and support fundraising efforts.

In addition to providing greater visibility into what your organization is doing, your community engagement app can also enable your users to engage with each other, through a directory of members and direct messaging. This provides the functionality of a community forum software within a simplistic, low-code app. Whether people want to connect on a certain topic, network, or meet at one of your events, you’ll be improving the value of your organization by community building.

Benefits of an online community app

Share stories of impact

With a community engagement app, your network of participants will be able to see and track the impact your organization is having, and see stories directly from the field. Sharing stories of impact helps members engage with your organization and encourages involvement.

Enable donation

Create a channel of community engagement and the opportunity for users to donate to a cause or initiative that they find interesting or important, directly within the app. You can also showcase how close certain fundraising initiatives are to goals, and send notifications about fundraising to app users.

Promote events

Does your organization host or organize events for volunteers? Your community can view and sign up for events directly in the native mobile app experience, improving attendance and engagement. Not only does this aid with engagement, but it also provides community building opportunities.

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