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Client Management App

Enable secure communications between your professional services business and your clients, while offering clients private access to important resources and documentation.

  • User login

  • User authentication

  • Searchable database of documents and resources

  • Content tagging system

  • Profile creation

  • Favoriting content

  • Secure messaging

  • Appointment booking

  • Document sharing

  • Document upload


Providing an exceptional client experience is the best way to ensure retention and secure potential new business. Giving your client an easy to use and engaging method to stay engaged with your team and process is a proven way to ensure their satisfaction and your success as a business. With a client management app, your business can provide clients with a direct channel to important documents, resources, and team members, bundled in an easy to use mobile platform. It can also help solve the issue of determining how to keep track of clients information in the most efficient way. The data collected in a client information app can also offer the ability to track key metrics about client engagement in one centralized location.

In addition to creating a system that closes the gap between your customers and team, a client information app provides a secure interface for both parties, as well as a way for users to manage and interact with content that you produce. Client management tools, such as a client management app, also provide an easy way to ensure your clients are constantly updated and engaged with your team.

Benefits of a client management app

Enhanced security

Use client management tools to create a central repository of private documents and resources that your client can access at any time, anywhere. By leveraging native app security features, we keep your data and information secure without sacrificing the ease of mobile client management.

Database driven

Your client management app provides your clients unmatched accessibility to resources at any time through secure databases while providing your team access to insights to key metrics enabling them to understand what’s important to clients.

Direct connections

Offer increased communication and productivity through appointment scheduling and direct messaging between account managers and clients. Provide your clients the ability to access the information and people they need at their fingertips with a custom client information app.

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