5 Great Resources for Business Growth

by | Nov 20, 2019

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Here at Hatch, we’re all about finding incredible resources to help direct our strategy, content and systems. We’re a resourceful bunch. We also highly value continued learning, and one of our core values as a team is to “maintain a growth mindset”. We believe that we can become an expert in anything, or at least become proficient enough to make smart decisions and achieve our goals.

Our office is teeming with great resources for building and growing a business. We’re going to share those resources right here – on our newly-designed blog – for small business leaders like yourself.

This week, we’re focusing on some of our favorite sales and marketing related resources for small businesses that have inspired and helped us, and here’s to hoping you find them useful too.

1.We Don’t Sell Saddles Here Article by Steward Butterfield

An oldie but a goodie and one of my all-time favorites. Stewart Butterfield – creator of Slack – sent this memo to his team. There are many golden nuggets about disrupting a market, one of my favorite being:  “Despite the fact that there are a handful of direct competitors and a muddled history of superficially similar tools, we are setting out to define a new market. And that means we can’t limit ourselves to tweaking the product; we need to tweak the market too.”

2. The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year Article by Andy Raskin

The marketing blogs and influencers have been abuzz with chatter about Drift, and while I have no experience with their tool (although I, ahem, do have a demo scheduled for tomorrow), they create a compelling narrative in their sales pitch.

Golden nugget: “No matter what you’re selling, your most formidable obstacle is prospects’ adherence to the status quo. Your primary adversary, in other words, is a voice inside people’s heads that goes, We’ve gotten along just fine without it, and we’ll always be fine without it.

How do you overcome that? By demonstrating that the world has changed in such a fundamental way that prospects have to change, too.”

If you like that article, you may also enjoy a similar one about Zuora (also by Andy).

3. Creating Customer Personas Template provided by Hubspot

As a marketer, I dig Hubspot. Not only for their software, but for their bevvy of resources and tools that make creating marketing materials a breeze. I’m currently working alongside our Market Research fellow to complete an important body of work: building our Customer Personas. I knew I could count on Hubspot for a clear and concise framework to get us going.

4. Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff

In his quasi-autobiography, Benioff breaks down his learnings into 111 “plays” for business leaders to execute on. Some of our favorites were “always, always go after Goliath,” “don’t dis your first product with a discount,” and “stay scrappy… but not too scrappy.” This book is a great read for anyone looking to build or scale a business.

5. Marketing’s 25 most influential share their growth hacking strategies by Aaron Orendorff

We’ve all heard of Growth Hacking, and it’s something that our team works on every day – enabling the product and marketing teams to work hand-in-hand to create exceptional experiences that will fuel sharing and accelerated growth. Learn how these companies harness growth hacking, and here’s a great description of what it is: “Growth hacking is about running rapid growth experiments, using technology for efficiency, and then reacting based off the data. It is the true interaction between marketing, software, and metrics.”

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