Pay for value, not features. 

A new model for software development that saves you time and money.

Pay for value, not features. 

Traditional software development is priced based on features and complexity. Hatch Apps provides transparent pricing based on app usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I build with Hatch Apps?

Apps built with Hatch Apps are fully custom. We do not leverage templates, but rather, components that can be customized for your needs. Everything from the app icon, app store presence, user flows, icons, and content is fully custom. All apps are native and deployed to iOS and Android.

Why pay a subscription for custom apps?

We believe the traditional software development model is broken. With the Hatch Apps subscription, customers have aligned incentives with our team: we win when you win. Given the fact that app features are becoming commoditized, you shouldn’t pay for them. You should only pay for the exact value you receive from those features.

Additionally, businesses often underestimate the time and money associated with app fixes, updates, and maintenance. Hatch Apps, handles the end-to-end infrastructure by leveraging modern day automation. Think of us like the Salesforce for Apps. 


How does the pricing compare to other vendors?

Hatch Apps is one of the most cost effective solutions for custom application development on the market. We’re a third of the price of Appian and half of the price of OutSystem. We’re the same price as working with Salesforce, without the hidden fees. One thing to note is that although these companies help you build and manage custom apps, they do not handle the App Store Management or provide a managed infrastructure. You’re on your own if something goes wrong. We’re a tenth of the price of working with a traditional software development agency— we even conducted an undercover study to prove this and show the price variability in the industry. 



How does billing work?

We require annual contracts with a 100 app user minimum. Discounts are available as customers scale. We bill on N-30 terms and accept bank wires or check. 

What type of support does Hatch Apps provide?

We provide an Enterprise SLA to all customers. Support is available by email and phone. For more information about our customer support infrastructure, visit our Support Center.

What’s included in the ‘managed infrastructure’?

We take care of everything for our customers. We host and manage the cloud infrastructure which includes servers, database, scaling, security, load management, user-authentication, APIs, and custom business logic. We also manage the app store listing, deployments, operating system updates, push notifications, analytics, CI / CD, and dozens of other micro-services needed for custom app development.

How long does it take to build the app?

The app development timeline can vary based on scope, asset requirements, and API integrations. That said, we aim to deploy the first version within 6 – 8 weeks after signing a contract. From there, updates and maintenance are based on the pricing tier that customers choose. From the Hatch Apps platform customers can make live-changes to their apps. These changes to the data, content, or designs do not require an App Store update. 



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