Teams on Hatch

by | Mar 14, 2017


Building a successful company is rarely a solo endeavor. Most of our users have cofounders or partners in their company, so one of the first features we built out was team management. With Hatch, you can add your team members, your accountant, your investors, your mom, and your teddy bear to your dashboard. Your team will be able to make design changes and send push notifications, and your stakeholders will be able to check out your stats at their convenience.


Every team has to have a mascot, and every mascot deserves dashboard access.

Maybe you have a team already. Maybe you’re planning on adding a marketing team in a couple months. Whatever you decide, you can give access to however many people you want.

If you’d like to control access to your in-dashboard data, we have created export functions for all data collected so you can download, redact, and send your data whenever necessary.

We’re working now to build in more nuanced user permissions and integrate with additional APIs— our next steps will depend on user demand. We’d love to hear about the reporting features you’re looking for. Email us anytime at

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Start Designing Your Custom App