New Product Release: Multimedia Sharing

by | Nov 2, 2017

Multimedia, iOS, Android

Today we launched a new app template that enables anyone to build a multimedia sharing app for their organization. Our new features allow for video, photo, audio, and text sharing within a custom mobile and web app.It looks and functions a little bit like Instagram, and you can modify it to custom-serve your audience.

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In August we launched a similar template, had the opportunity to work with some great customers, and learned a lot about ways that we could further improve its capabilities. Our first iteration only supported video, which was great for storytelling organizations and small documentarian networks. Now, we’re launching a bigger, better version whereby any type of media (video, photo, audio, or text) is supported..

One of our first customers, Ashoka, is using this template to connect their global community of changemakers using a storytelling app. Their community members can upload photo or video content showcasing their social change projects, and browse through a gallery of inspiring stories from around the world.

When building off this template, you can:

  • Enable video, photo, audio, and/or text sharing
  • Manage users and user-generated content, and export into multiple formats
  • Customize content and design
  • Track analytics for your app on iOS, Android, and web
  • Send targeted push notifications to continuously engage your audience

From a product perspective, this was a really awesome project for us to work on. We got to take the first template we ever built (our video sharing template), look at data/feedback we had collected, and spend several weeks making it more flexible, more beautiful, and more useful for our customers. Our technical team had the opportunity to start working with several different file types (pretty much every video, audio, and photo file type you could think of), a capability that will make our other templates even stronger.

Now, we’re starting to work with businesses that care about community building internally, as well as a handful of organizations that have a loyal, engaged following that’s regularly sharing content.

We’ll be offering incentives to new customers who are interested in participating in our early adopter program. Put simply, if you give us feedback, we give you discounts. We’ll be running an early adopter program through the end of November so email us if you’re interested.

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App