New Product Release: Build Your Own E-learning App

by | Nov 13, 2017

Hatch training app, hatch apps, mobile appsWe’ve recently launched functionality that enables Hatch clients to build their own e-learning and m-learning apps.

Starting today, you can bring your educational courses to life with a fully customizable e-learning portal on iOS, Android, and the web. We’ve built this template so that educators can digitize their curriculum with an engaging experience that’s accessible from anywhere.

One of our awesome customers on this template is Molly Matthews, the powerhouse founder of Job-IQ. Molly has built an app to offer career development training for job-seekers, and to help them understand their strengths and develop critical skills. With our education template she has been able to:

  • Manage and upload educational content
  • Build multiple-choice, true-false, and short-answer questions
  • Track student progress (e.g. questions answered and completion rates)
  • Gamify learning with a customizable point system and levels

Are you interested in building your own e-learning app? Build your app for free – payment information isn’t required until you are ready to launch! Get Started.

We’re hoping to see financial literacy apps, professional education apps, tutoring apps, workforce training and development appsIt’s your curriculum. In the palm of their hand.

We’ll be running our early adopter program through the end of 2017. If you’re interested in discounts and perks in exchange for feedback, reach out to us.

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App