Analytics and Data as Mission-Critical

by | Mar 8, 2017

Once our users have their apps on the app stores, they tend to share the same priority: Growth.

But how do you know whether you’re growing? With mobile, it’s critical that creators collect data on how many people are using their app, how often they open it, and how engaged they are. There are many reasons to collect and analyze data, but here are a few:

  • Churn identification. If all of your users are leaving the app, you may want to make some changes.
  • Targeted user data. You can understand who is using your app most, and then use that information to more strategically market your app.
  • Potential investors, donors, or lenders will want to see traction data.

In the dashboard, we have an ever-growing analytics suite available to our app creators. When users first start working with us, they tend to focus on the design capabilities and control, but they have quickly found themselves spending the majority of their time looking at things like this:


Dashboards display different datasets depending on the app type and feature set. All data is sortable and exportable.

Many apps also collect demographic information from users when they sign up, or collect video, photo, GPS, or other information. All of those data points need to be collected, processed, and displayed.

Like with other features, we add new capabilities to our analytics and data displays as requested. Recently, a user asked us if we could allow her to upload data directly from the dashboard (as opposed to exclusively via the mobile app) so we built and deployed an upload capability to all dashboards.

So how do we collect this mobile data currently? A lot of the demographic data comes from Facebook; if an app integrates Facebook login, we can collect the information their users have shared on Facebook. We can also collect additional data through onboarding.

We use Google Analytics to collect mobile user data. Most of our apps integrate additional APIs to flesh out the data we’re able to collect and display. Since we’re able to collect data from different sources, we’re able to re-verify and confirm all our Google Analytics data.

All of that comes together for a comprehensive, reliable set of data for users to use as they grow their company.

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App