Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hatch?
Hatch Apps is a service-enabled platform with a mission to bring transparency, speed and price stability to the software development industry.
How does it work?
Hatch Apps works hand-in-hand with customers to deploy custom software without the wait. We leverage our platform of pre-built components, and build more for less. We deploy native apps to iOS, Android and the web for our customers in a matter of weeks – reliably, transparently, and without sacrificing quality.

As part of our co-creation model, we work with you to understand the scope of your project, create a UX diagram, and design a low-fi prototype so you can understand how your app will function before it moves into development.

Once the app deploys, we’ll hand over the keys to the platform and put you in full control. From there, we will work closely with you to make sure you’re trained on the platform so you can experience the true power of it.

Where will my app be available?
All apps built on the Hatch Apps platform deploy to the App Store, the Google Play Store and the web.
Are the apps built on Hatch native or hybrid?
Native. Our iOS and Android apps deploy using React Native. Our web applications deploy using React Native Web.
What types of apps does Hatch Apps offer?
All of our apps are created custom to meet your needs. From marketing apps to member engagement to resource libraries and workflow management, we offer numerous apps for both businesses and nonprofits. Chat with a member of our team to learn if your app is a fit for our platform.
How long does it take to deploy my app?

We can deploy an app in a matter of weeks. That said, most of our customers work closely with our customer success team to build their app over the course of a month before deploying it. We pride ourselves on being able to move as quickly or slowly as you need. You will be put in touch with our customer success team to start building your app once the contract is signed.

App Management

How do I manage and update my apps?
As a Hatch Apps customer, your monthly subscription grants you access to a web-based dashboard from which you can manage your app content, send push notifications, track analytics, export user data, manage user-generated content, and update your app as you grow.
Can I control user content submissions?
Yes. Hatch Apps customers can manage their users as well as their user-generated submissions through the web-based platform.
What are the push notification capabilities?
Our dashboard offers unlimited push notifications, push notifications segmented by user data and user activity, and scheduled push notifications.
Does Hatch Apps make updates to its apps?
We continuously upgrade our product and ensure quality performance with the latest versions of iOS and Android.
Can I create a private app for a specific group or community?
As a default, all Hatch apps are available for download by the public, although app creators are able to manage users and control their permissions. If you are interested in creating a private app, contact us.
Is there developer access?
Hatch is built for non-technical business owners and operators and we don’t yet allow for developer access.
Where is my data stored?

Apps built with Hatch Apps are hosted on AWS. The data is stored on Google Firebase. Each customer’s data is stored separately from others.

Who owns the data?
You own all of the data, the users, your designs and your app assets. Hatch Apps owns the code and servers— similar to other popular software platforms (like Salesforce or Squarespace).
How is security managed?

We have enterprise-grade security built into our product. We use a few security groups on AWS and also take our own measures to keep your data secure. This includes:

  • Making sure each of our customer’s data is stored separately
  • Being able to deploy an app with secure user-authentication
  • Hitting our API consistently to ensure security measures
  • Regular security check ins with our entire team

Terms & Pricing

How much does it cost to build an app with Hatch Apps?
Pricing for your app development depends on the features and complexity of your app. Please schedule a time to chat with a member of our team so that we can create a quote for your project.

All apps built with Hatch Apps are structured around an Implementation Fee, which covers the cost of building the first version of your app and deploying it to the App Store, Google Play Store and the web. Once your app is deployed, you will be upgraded to our monthly subscription for ongoing hosting, maintenance and app updates.

What will my subscription include?
The monthly subscription fee includes instant updates to the app stores, regular software updates, unlimited app management seats, access to the Hatch Apps content management system, app performance analytics and unlimited push notifications.
Are there data limits on overall server usage?
For servers, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same cloud solution used by Airbnb, NASA and Yelp (we’re in good company). We cover the first $250 in monthly server costs. So far, none of our customers have needed more than that; our base hosting should support thousands of active users. If a customer exceeds their allotted server credits they have two options: 1) invite collaborators to help you build, grow, and manage your app for more free credits, or 2) pay for the additional credits at standard AWS rates.
What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your subscription at the end of your contract, and your subscription will be stopped immediately. Hatch Apps does not offer refunds on monthly or annual subscriptions.


How can I access support?
We are available anytime to answer questions, contact support at: or 202-851-7676