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by | Aug 15, 2019


Building mobile apps on iOS and Android are entirely different processes. With so much focus on creating mobile apps for iOS, there is an inherent lack of information and how-tos in comparison for the android market. However, androids comprise the majority of the smartphone market in the U.S and worldwide. So it goes without saying that to achieve success in your mobile app deployment that you should focus on ensuring that you are providing a fantastic experience for your customers on both platforms. We know that sounds like a difficult task, but don’t fret. The Hatch Apps team has put together a list of essential resources for your next android development project.

From The Source

The best place to start is, of course, from the source itself. Google and Android have created a massive online repository for all the things you need to know and consider when starting your android development journey. The wealth of information here is extremely dense and deep, so make sure when you read through it to bookmark pages of interest, and take the time to absorb the information that will have the greatest impact on successful deployment of your app


  1. Google Material Design Principles
  2. Android Design Resources

Working With Android

Whether you already have a project in iOS that you want to bring over to Android or are starting completely from scratch, there is a small learning curve to conquer before you can start your development on Android. Here are some quick resources to help you get started and understand the nuances of the android platform. 

  1. Google Material Designing Icons
  2. Developing with Google 
  3. Google Developer Resource Library

Designing for Android

If you are new to designing or want a quick refresher on the process for the mobile development, then look no further. Hatch Apps has a quick how-to on the ins and outs of mobile design that you can put to work on your project today.  

  1. The Ins and Outs of Mobile Design – Hatch Apps

Helpful Guides

You can never have too many resources. There are general guides that we believe can help your android development project succeed! Take a look if you need additional inspiration and guidance in your project.

  1. Designing for iOS and Android – Google
  2. Building An App? How much does it really cost? – Hatch Apps
  3. App Store Optimizations: A Success Guide – Hatch Apps

An Android mobile app is a fantastic way to ensure your business serves all stakeholders. The above materials are a great starting point for anyone looking to expand their current offering from just iOS. Want to learn more about software development? Subscribe to our blog. We post bi-weekly updates focused on providing information on developments in the software development space. 

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App