This Global Nonprofit Connects Change Leaders Through an App Built on Hatch

by | Feb 27, 2018

Here at Hatch, we’re strong advocates of change, growth and that big idea that lies just over the horizon. We believe in the unstoppable force of entrepreneurship and grit. For those reasons and more, we have been incredibly excited, and humbled, to create software solutions for Ashoka’s Youth Venture and Start Empathy.

Ashoka is a global pioneer in the field of social entrepreneurship. Since their founding in 1980, they have created an international community of thousands of change leaders across the globe. Through collaboration, these changemakers transform national institutions and cultures for the good of society.

We had a chance to catch up with Mohsin Mohi Ud Din, the Director of Storytelling Innovation for Ashoka Youth Venture, and ask him a few questions about his experience creating the MeWe app with Hatch, as well as his vision for its future impact.


Mohsin, could you provide an overview for our readers about the purpose of the MeWe app?

Definitely. We’re making the MeWe app the foundation for how we can empower our network of change agents to be the frontline narrators for everyday changemaking. Our app is not just about sharing the content, it’s really about having a two-way communication. We want to create a pathway for our network to share changemaking that is happening right now, outside their window. We want these narratives to better inform work, and how we operate – to support and equip systems change.


How will an app empower your organization to collect those narratives in a way that wasn’t possible before?

With the app, we can easily send a push notification mission or campaign that our network can respond to quickly and effectively with their personal narrative. By doing this, we’re able to get time-relevant and socially-relevant responses to help inform our decisions as an organization, and to help tell our story. Our app is a tool to ensure authenticity, transparency and impact. It will support us as an organization to demonstrate what’s happening and what we’re learning. It’s raw. There is no middle man.

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What challenges did you or the organization face that inspired you to seek an app-based solution?

Because Ashoka is a global organization, we are pushing ourselves to have our finger on the pulse of everything happening on the front lines. We sought a digital solution to close the distance between our organization and the community it serves, so that we can capture and learn as much as possible from our network of change leaders.


What impact do you foresee the MeWe app having on your community of changemakers?

We are living in a digitized world, where a large majority of the content we see is polarizing and negative. With our app, we are providing physical and tangible opportunities for people to exercise their storytelling muscle, and to generate positive stories of change. We create changemaker storytelling missions that provide specific and tangible ways for people to capture experiences in life where changemaking is happening, and connect them with positive stories. In the process, we are also enhancing our community’s media literacy.


Could you describe your experience creating the MeWe app with Hatch?

The Hatch platform is easy to use and empowering, and the speed with which we were able to launch our app was impressive. In many ways, the speed with which Hatch made our app outpaced our organization. It exceeded my expectations. That being said, my favorite part of the experience has been the people. I know that the Hatch team is invested and passionate about our idea and its success, and it’s demonstrated in your responsiveness and ability to accommodate our needs.


How might your app evolve based on what you have learned thus far?

I think that the version of the app that we have now is going to serve our community and the broader public in the way that we’ve intended. I have a particular interest in how to adapt this app for an audience with the least amount of access – refugee and migrant communities all over the world. The development of this program is in the works, so more information on that is to come!

Be a part of the ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ movement’ by following @Ashoka and @YouthVenture on Twitter, and @StartEmpathy on Facebook.

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