New Product Release: An App to Digitize Your Content

by | Nov 5, 2018


They say “content is king.” We believe them. That’s why we’ve just released a new app on the Hatch Apps platform that has been sought-after by businesses for months, likely because of its simplicity, flexibility and ease of use. This app enables companies and organizations to tell their brand story, to activate their audiences and to create new, mobile channels for growth. It’s also highly valuable to internal teams such as HR and Ops, enabling them to digitize outdated printed materials that gather dust (think: employee handbooks, guides and other “paperwork”), and turn them into interactive, searchable resources, accessible from a native mobile or web app. Sounds like this app is a powerhouse, right? Well, it is.

Here are some interesting ways that businesses, non-profits and individuals are using the Hatch content app:

Telling an organization’s story

There are a number of companies, non-profits and influencers who need a new channel to distribute their news and updates to an on-the-go audience. By creating a content app, app-users can access that content in a native mobile format, and can be alerted to new content with a quick push notification. This experience outranks many forms of communication, such as email, which is seeing a significant decrease in opens and clicks. Even websites that are not completely mobile-optimized fall short of an ideal experience, especially with the mobile-first generation coming of age.

Digitizing handbooks, manuals and guides

The amount of money that organizations spend on paper and ink for things like employee manuals, training handbooks and reports is truly no joke. It’s not just the cost of printing and paper, it’s the cost of managing that paper. Shouldn’t “managing paperwork” be a thing of the past? We think so. For larger organizations who have expensive and inefficient ways of distributing information, this app enables them to get rid of unnecessary costs of paper – which usually just sit on an employee shelf or filing cabinet anyways – and create significant efficiencies in the management and upkeep of their company documents.

One final example of a content app is in the case of CPG companies, who see the massive value in digitizing their product handbooks or guides, so that the most up-to-date version is available to their customer with the click of a button. Not only does this trim the cost of paper and printing tremendously, but it also creates an easier and more modern experience for their end-users. Additionally, companies don’t have to “manage” outdated versions of paper handbooks — all in-app content is instantly updated and accessible to their audience.

Creating a unique marketing tool

People in the media and publishing industry are particularly interested in the Hatch content app because it’s an innovative marketing tool for books, magazines, news outlets and other media resources. For any of you foodies out there, you might’ve seen this in action already. Authors of cookbooks and cooking resources sometimes publish a small selection of their recipes in an app, as a teaser for their audience of what’s to come. It’s a great way to publish small bites of content to help drive interest and curiosity, and ultimately buyers.

Publishing easy-to-navigate, location-based guides

There are a number of location-focused or travel industry companies that are interested in publishing localized guides as a way to provide value to their audience, and further grow brand loyalty and engagement. Additionally, real estate agents are interested in this app as a way to list and market their premiere listings.

Here are some of the specific features and functions of the Hatch content app:

  • Upload text and photos to create articles, stories or posts
  • Use advance categories and tagging, to create searchable content that is easy for users to navigate
  • Customize your call-to-action, and link to relevant pages, phone numbers and GPS locations
  • Manage, edit and update content on our robust CMS platform

Given the amount of interest in our content app thus far, we’re so excited to see where it will go. What we love most about talking to, and learning from, people like you, is that your creativity helps to push our product in new directions. To that end, I’d love to hear from you, and answer any questions you may have about this app. I’ll also be providing custom demos to those interested!

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App