Friday Faces: Alex Leone

by | Nov 9, 2018


We’re so excited to have Alex Leone join our engineering team here at Hatch Apps. I recently had the chance to talk to Alex about his path to engineering, the importance of data privacy, and tube travel.

Isabel: So joining a startup team is big decision. What made you decide to work at Hatch Apps?

Alex: I decided to join the Hatch Apps team mainly because of the people, the vision, and the challenges of the company. When I first met the team, it was immediately apparent that Param and Amelia have a killer vision fordisrupting the mobile application and software development industry, and they have really formed a tremendous team of people around them.

Isabel: Couldn’t agree more. So you’re an engineer here at Hatch Apps. How did you become interest in engineering, and was it something you always wanted to do?

Alex: Actually, I grew up thinking I was going to go to culinary school. I worked in the industry for years through high school and college; senior year of high school I decided not to do culinary school. I applied to a bunch of liberal arts schools and ended up choosing George Mason and really fell into technology there. It’s been a good decision. It’s a really interesting industry, and you can affect a lot more people.

Isabel: Quick follow up – do you have a favorite dish to cook?

Alex: Haha I should really nail this down, but I would probably say pan seared salmon with a lemon, butter, and capers sauce.

Isabel: Sounds good to me. What do you think is the toughest part about software engineering, and the most rewarding?

Alex: One of the toughest parts is the constant learning. You have to be learning every single day, and that takes a lot of time and effort for sure.

But the most rewarding is the challenges you get to solve. You’re learning every day to solve new challenges and help others along the way. The opportunities are huge.

Isabel: So looking at your time here so far, what do you think makes Hatch Apps different or special in how we approach software?

Alex: I really think the special part about Hatch Apps is the people here and the challenges we’re trying to solve. The vision of our company is very unique. Not many people are trying to solve this problem. We are doing it in a unique way. We are building a tremendously valuable product that can really help a lot of people, empower a lot of businesses, and help people who don’t know how to code to build software.

Isabel: Speaking of us non-coding folks, what do you think are the most important trends in technology we should be following?

Alex: I think the interesting part about the last couple years has been the controversy over data ownership and privacy. So much of what you do on the internet is not controlled by you, and other businesses are making money off of your activity. Once that information gets hacked or leaked, it’s super challenging for people because they can’t do anything about it. So I think some of the trends like blockchain that are trying to solve some of these problems of data control and privacy. Ultimately empowering people with a new type of internet is a trend you do not want to miss.

Isabel: Interesting. On a different note, what kinds of things do you like doing outside of work?

Alex: I like to stay pretty active. I like riding my bike a lot; there’s a lot of good bike trails around the city like Rock Creek Park. I really enjoy cooking and hanging out with friends.

One of my favorite things is when my and my buddies get on our bikes and we ride around and we end up grabbing a bite to eat somewhere in the city. There are so many good restaurants in the city, and it’s more rewarding to go pig out when you just rode your bike around.


Isabel: That makes total sense. My last question is that here at Hatch Apps one of our team values is that no idea is too crazy. Do you have a big idea you’d love to make happen one day?

Alex: So one of the craziest ideas I had a while back was tube travel, so basically frictionless travel through a vacuum. But it’s actually kind of funny because Elon Musk has a team of people working on it and he calls it the hyperloop.

Isabel: You should get some royalties on that. Thanks for chatting with us, Alex!

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