8 Reasons to Build an App for your Legal Services Firm

by | Nov 7, 2018

In 2017, it was reported that 57% of individuals would use a smartphone if searching online for a lawyer. Add the fact that most of the time spent on mobile phones and tablets is actually in mobile apps (89% to be exact), then there is a compelling case why all businesses, including law firms, attorneys, and legal services firms, should also have an app. You might wonder what a law firm would do with an app? We have some great examples of ways that companies offering legal services use apps for both customer engagement and internal operations:

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Internal Benefits


Streamline time management and client appointments

Lawyers, attorneys, and lobbyists are meticulous about keeping track of their time and appointments, and some solutions for this are more friendly to being on-the-go than others. To address this, a firm could have a mobile app to track all appointments and time management. This calendar feature could be automatically updated when a client makes a new appointment and can be developed to send out push notification reminders. The app could also track the number of hours a lawyer spends with their clients, ensuring for an accurate measure of billable hours.


Optimize productivity with access to law library and cases

The majority of lawyers regularly refer to previous cases. That’s why it’s important to give lawyers access to legislation and precedents that they might need. Having access to this information with a mobile app means that legal professional would be able to reference laws and cases, wherever they are, whenever. This digital resources library could also have a search function, allowing a professional to search with keywords, dates, and cases. Time is money, which is especially true for lawyers, and that’s why they would benefit from a user-friendly and smart search tool.


Modernize internal notes, folders, and paperwork

A key feature in any legal practice is the vast quantity of notes, folders, and paperwork. Since most lawyers work on a number of cases simultaneously, digital folders and tags would help keep things organized in their digital storage. It’s also important for lawyers to be able to make notes and highlight certain paragraphs in legal text, so including this simple feature in your legal app would allow all of this information to be stored in one place.

In addition, most legal practices require a lot of physical and digital paperwork. Therefore, it’s important for legal professionals to be able to scan documents quickly for easy digital access and so they have more than one copy. A great feature in your app would be the ability to scan and convert documents into PDF via the smartphone camera. Best of all, these features can easily be added to an app that can be designed without coding, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


External Benefits

Create secure communication with clients

One of the most important parts of the attorney-client relationship is confidentiality. A benefit to an app for a law or legal services firms would be a personal messaging platform between a lawyer and their clients that cannot be viewed by anyone else without the permission of both parties. This would allow for instant communication between a lawyer and their client to answer anything from quick questions to setting up an appointment, all without having to call the office. In fact, 19% of millennials prefer to talk to their lawyer over email or text, and with millennials and Generation Z getting older, law firms will need to modernize to meet new needs.


Have a mobile source for law lingo

One of the main reasons people hire attorneys is their deep understanding of the law and law lingo. A great benefit of an app for a law firm would be to have a mobile source or dictionary for all law lingo. This could help new attorneys who are still learning but could also be a resource to clients. In fact, having clients understand more of the language of the law could help them be more proactive with their cases and mean their attorney would not have to explain as much, leading to greater productivity and more efficient meetings and discussions. And this source can be referenced on the go, so you would never be taken unaware.


Increase productivity with on-the-go identification and signatures

Signing legal documents can be a main contributor to case delays and timeline extensions. While some documents need to be signed with witnesses and in a specific place, some just need a quick signature from a client. In these case, it’s great to have a platform that allows for electronic signatures. A mobile app can be developed to allow for mobile identification (usually providing a username, password, and photo identification through ID card) and for electronic signatures, potentially speeding up the legal process for clients and their attorneys. And considering that 30% of millennials want to share legal documents with their lawyers (and this number is growing!), your clientele will want this feature.


Promote clients relationships and loyalty

The goal of any business is to foster a positive relationship with clients and win over their loyalty. And the sure-fire way to ensure customer loyalty is to provide the best service possible. This will be different for every business, but your app can be customized to feature what your customers want. Whether this be scheduling appointments digitally, allowing for fast communication, or live chatbots to answer basic legal questions, mobile app development can be customized to fit into any business’s marketing strategy.


Generate reviews and referrals

One of the primary ways a law firm gets more clients is by generating referrals from previous clients. An app can be an easy way to streamline this process, allowing for past and current clients to submit reviews on your practice and share information about your firm. Feature a form on your app specifically for clients to review your services, and even send clients push notifications asking for reviews. Past clients can also refer potential new customers to the app, allowing it to generate potential leads, in addition to word of mouth and website traffic.


Why Develop Apps for Law Firms?

Many companies wonder if their business or organization really needs an app, but even traditional industries like the law can modernize their businesses and increase productivity through mobile app development. Mobile apps for law firms can have both internal and external benefits. They can help keep attorneys and lawyers organized, track appointments and billable hours, and provide access to important resources no matter where they are. Apps can also foster communication with clients, give clients information to help with their legal concerns, and allow for on-the-go identification. So if you really want to streamline your legal services firm and bring it into the modern age, building an app is a great strategy.


If your interested in building an app for your law firm, schedule a 15-minute call with us, we’d be happy to learn more about your software needs.

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Start Designing Your Custom App