13 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

by | Jan 17, 2018


Stare at your phone for a few seconds – do you feel that urge to check it?

Many of us are becoming more aware of our inner phone alert addict. The habit of checking our phones is so ingrained into our routines that we don’t even realize how often we do it (once every 12 minutes, in case you were wondering).

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Phones provide a tempting escape from the workday, and the more employees engage with their phones at work, the less engaged with work they are. Companies with low employee engagement are stuck in a lose-lose situation: they perform significantly worse than companies with high employee engagement, and they pay the price again in employee turnover (actively engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave), which costs U.S. companies $11 billion annually.

So how can companies prioritize more effective employee training to drive turnover costs down while promoting employee retention in the long run? Answer: e-learning. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, we can create apps to engage employees in gamified training programs, collaborative social platforms, and streamlined feedback channels. These mobile HR solutions can be 60% more engaging than traditional web access. Our phones have become our primary means of interacting with the digital world, even when we’re at work.

Below is a list of 13 ways to streamline employee training and increase engagement using app-based software like Hatch. As with any new initiative,  it’s important to tailor your approach to your workforce, and maybe get some feedback or buy-in on the kinds of tools your employees would be excited to use:

Tips for Employee Onboarding and Training:

  1. Give new employees a workforce photo directory so they can quickly match names to faces when they first start
  2. Provide employees with a searchable, digitized handbook with resources and policies at their fingertips
  3. Gamify learning with points-based e-learning  modules and leaderboards
  4. Manage workforce compliance by offering mandatory compliance modules on-the-go
  5. Allow mentors to provide mentees with in-app feedback and guidance
  6. Give employees more opportunities to provide feedback about your training modules too so you can quickly identify the winning strategies
  7. Use in-app analytics to track what’s working with your employee training, and adjust your content as needed (this also enables you to report on the impact of your training on employee retention and engagement)

Tips for Employee Engagement and Retention:

  1. Send push notifications for truly important employee messages to cut out all the email noise
  2. Increase your recruiting reach by sending push notifications to provide a one-click method for employees to share new job posts on their social media
  3. Send quick surveys and ask for feedback via push notifications
  4. Create an app scavenger hunt to familiarize your workforce with a new tool or technology you are using
  5. Give employees opportunities to learn from each other by submitting in-app feedback about their colleagues
  6. Treat your teams to a paperless, mobile offsite with workshop materials stored in an app

Improving employee retention with digital solutions isn’t as hard as you think

Moral of the story: people will be on their phones, so why not make their phone breaks productive and engaging? It can be intimidating to search for the ideal app for your workforce, but staying focused on your workforce’s specific pain points and picking a flexible solution will allow you to develop a tailored mobile employee engagement system.

If you already have a sense of what your ideal employee engagement app would look like, let us know! We can work with you to create your own custom app, and then we’ll give you an intuitive platform to manage and edit your app whenever you need. Feel free to reach out to learn if our app development service is right for you!

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App