10 Reasons to Build an App for your Association

by | Nov 5, 2018


As an association, you provide incredible value to your members through resources, connections, events, learning opportunities and more. But have you ever wondered how to evolve and modernize your strategy to meet your members where they are? Today, the average adult spends 2 hours and 49 minutes a day on their phone, and that number is only increasing with the younger generation. It’s important to evolve offerings and resources to fit your members’ on-the-go lifestyle, and a great way to do that is a mobile app.

Apps for associations might seem redundant with all of the communication and social sharing apps out there— but that’s not the case. Having an app to serve the members of your association can help your organization in many ways. Here are ten reasons why a custom app can make a difference:

Reason #1: Increase member engagement

Everyone likes to be informed and your members are no different. Having an app for your association to deliver important updates and information would be a boon to your group. Most associations communicate through email and social media, but this is becoming less and less effective. For example, an office worker receives an average of 121 email per day, and the average post on Facebook organically reaches less than 6% of its fans (meaning you have to pay to get your message seen).

In comparison, there are various ways to distribute your message using an app, such as notifications to member or posting content to your in-app newsfeed. Push notifications are a great way to provide important updates to anyone who has downloaded your app, even when they aren’t currently in the app. You can also be creative when sending out push notifications, giving your association more personality and interest. Whatever your method, apps can help associations reach stakeholders and cut through the communication clutter of other platforms.

Reason #2: Offer mobile ID cards for members

Chances are your association members have ID cards. Maybe these are just for identification or perhaps it gives them benefits either internally or externally. But with the world becoming more and more digital (when was the last time you used cash regularly?), it would be a good idea to have your ID cards accessible through your app. This means you would have your association ID on you wherever you go, making it more portal and meaning you won’t ever forget your ID at home again. And since native apps are designed to be used offline as well as online, being near Wifi won’t ever be a problem.


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Reason #3: Improve and promote communication between members

Associations are known for the benefits they give members, but one of the biggest benefits is networking between members. An association app is  an easy way for members to interact with one another and can be leveraged to build community and engagement.

We know that the most frequently used apps are social media apps (39%), followed by messaging apps (10%). An app makes delivering messages within your association that much easier.

Reason #4: Engage younger members

The only way an association keeps running is by always introducing new, younger members. In 2016, it was reported that millenials check their phones about 150 times a day. While we aren’t saying that those of older generations don’t check their phones a lot (most do), this fact, paired with the statistic that 89% of all mobile media time is spent in apps, paints a pretty vivid picture of just how much time millennials spend on their phone in apps. By having a high-functioning and relevant app, your association is catering more towards the habits and tendencies of younger potential members, giving them a greater incentive to join.


Reason #5: Promote your events

As an association, you probably have events. And no one wants those one-off apps that are made for a particular event, just to be deleted later. With a year-round app with event integration, you can provide event schedules, speaker information, and more instantly to your members’ phones. Event management integration also allow members to instantly share to social media and add the event to their phone calendars. You can even set up push notifications to remind members of the event, so no one can use the excuse “I forgot” again.

Reason #6: Adds value to the association

Let’s face it, every association needs to continue to generate resources in order to provide value to its members. An app can be a great way to add value to your members. By having a members-only app, you create a personalized and collaborative platform for all of your members. It enables easier access to your association and fosters a deeper relationship between you and your members. Since 71% of digital traffic in the U.S. comes from mobile devices (and most of that from mobile apps), having an app for your association is a big selling-point for members.

Reason #7: Access feedback from members

Apps for associations can be great resources to gain feedback from members. Within apps you can set up polls, surveys, and forms for members to fill out, concerning anything related to the association or even the app itself. These are great ways to get instant feedback from members without time-consuming interviews or oft-ignored emails, allowing associations to gain insights and data about their members to better cater to their needs in the future.

Reason #8: Manage contacts and content

Just as your contact management systems are a fount of user data, apps can also collect and organize data about users. This allows you get to know your users and learn what they want and need from you. The more contacts and information you have, the more you will be able to make positive changes for your members.


Reason #9: Make your association readily available

Ready for some shocking statistics? People in the U.S. spend an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes a day in mobile apps. Individuals in the U.S. also use about 10 different apps a day, and 30 different apps a month. So, the takeaway is that people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices in apps. If your association keeps up with common forms of technology, then it’ll be easier for people to access your association and its benefits!

Reason #10: It’s easy and affordable

With new innovations, launching an app is becoming easier and easier, and it’s even possible to build your own app without coding knowledge. Mobile app development is within reach for non-technical association professionals with intuitive no-code app builders (like Hatch Apps) that allow you to visually build an app through drag and drop features. To understand the basics of no-code options, check out our post about the most common questions about no-code app builders. The main benefits of building an app through Hatch Apps is our easy-to-use interface and our low cost compared with other app development options, as well as the live customer support. It has never been easier to build an app.

Why Develop Apps for Associations?

Many people and companies, not just associations, ask themselves the question, “Does my business or organization really need an app?” At some point, the answer is going to be “yes.” An app is an important tool for associations to keep members engaged, informed, and interested. Apps also help recruit new members to your association, helping you to continue to grow as a group. When considering the increased engagement of members and other benefits, creating apps for associations seems like a better and better idea. So when it comes to considering mobile app development for your association, maybe the question isn’t why, but why not?

If your interested in building an app for your association, then why not try Hatch Apps? If you have questions about our no-code app platform, schedule a 15-minute call with us today!

Start Designing Your Custom App

Start Designing Your Custom App